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About Us
With its more than 40 years experience manufacturing Melamine MDF Door skin, Door components ( doorframe, door architrave, window frames, etc.),  MDF profile, mdf skirtingboards, Lambri, High glossPanel , Interior doors are offered to the market with Yamanlar Door brand name.. Yamanlar enables easy access to high quality products of Yamanlar Door brand with its quality philosophy in every manufacturing field. To Yamanlar the best profit is customer admiration. Yamanlar is proud of being a leadingbrand of Turkey with its sales department, R & D department, true investments and strong management. Everyemployee on condition that the high management work with the consciousnessand responsibility of serve to the half centurybrand. In every step of manufacturing quality control comes the first. Interior doors shave TSE certificate and manufacturing in highqualitystandards is proved with this. Pvc wrapping doors, Melamine and Laminated doors offer solutions to every budget and pleasure. Yamanlar release the doors as well as the instant doors ready to be installed as semi-product, doorsurface, frame and skirting for the manufacturers. BesidesTurkey, Yamanlar has efficient sales policy in foreignmarkets and exports more than 20 countries. Yamanlar aims to be a worldwide brand and a brand that consumers prefer in everyfield. Yamanlar proceeding with certain stepstoitsaim of being a leader brand of Turkey




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